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Upcoming Classes 2019

Online Mana Lomi 15 Hour Certified Course - Level 1

Mana Lomi Level 1

In this course you will learn:

  • An effective, 60-90 minute full body sequence to bring relief to many symptoms.
  • How to release muscle tension with gentle, yet powerful and deep movements “to the bone.”
  • Balanced body mechanics allowing you to deliver effectively deep yet gentle therapy for
  • relaxation or injury prevention and relief with minimal stress on your own body
  • A brief history of LomiLomi; Hawaiian healing chants; Ho’oponopono (living in alignment).
  • Hawaiian body-mind-spirit healing and the use of Ha (breath), Mana (spiritual energy and
  • spiritual centering) to help restore balance.

Participate in the discussion panal  with other students. You can ask questions or leave comments.  This adds a deeper dimension to the content you're learning. Makaala will be participating on the discussion panal and will be directly answering questions.

Online Mana Lomi Level 1